Fête galante. Only (17)80s kids remember this.
Английские поместья 1820-х годов из модного журнала Рудольфа Аккермана «Repository of arts, literature and fashions»

1823 Chiswick House - Duke of Devonshire country seat

1823 Frogmore House front view - Princess Augusta's
1823 Frogmore - The Ruins - Princess Augusta's
1823 - His Majesty's Cottage from the lake - King George IV
1823 His Majesty's Cottage Windsor - King George IV
1823 Sion House - Duke of Northumberland's country seat
Sion House - The Park Entrance - Duke of Northumberland's
1823 Ditton - Seat of Lord Montagu
1823 Eaton Hall - Entrance Front - Seat of Earl of Grosvenor
1823 Eaton Hall - West, Front - Seat of Earl of Grosvenor
1823 Sophia Lodge - wooded view - W.M. Dawson, Esq Residence
1823 Sophia Lodge - Residence of W.M. Dawson, Esq
1823 Talby House - Knutsford, Cheshire - Baronet Leiceter's country seat
1824 Delaford Park - Seat of C. Clowis, ESQ

1824 Wanstead House - William Pole Tilney Long Wellsley, Esq. Country Seat
1824 Hampton House - Residence of the late Mrs. Garrick
1824 Mrs Palmer's Villa - Richmond
1824 Newstead Abbey - Lieutenant-Colonel Wildman's Country Seat

Previously owned by Lord Byron
1824 Riching's Lodge (Iver) - Seat of The Right Hon. John Sullivan
1824 Flamstead House (Grenwich Park) - converted to become The Royal Observatory
1825 Belvoir Castle (Leicestershire) - Duke Rutland's Seat
1825 Moor Park (Hertfordshire) - Seat of Robert Williams, Esq.
1825 Wimbledon Park - Lord Spencer's Seat
1826 Coleorton Hall - Seat of Sir George Beaumont, Baronet
1826 Appuldurcombe (Isle of Wight) - Seat of the Earl of Yarborough

1826 Cobham Hall (Kent) - Seat of the Earl of Darnley
1827 Burford Priory (Oxfordshire) - Seat of J.W. Lenthall, Esq.
1827 Eridge Park (Sussex) -The Earl of Ashburnham's Country Seat
1828 Ashbridge House (Herts) - Countess of Bridgewater's Country Seat
1828 Muskaw in Silesia (Prussia) - Prince Pichler

1828 Selsdon (Surrey) - Seat of George Smith, Esq. M.P.
1828 Belmont House (Devon) - Seat of John Norman, Esq.
1828 Chevenign (Kent) - The Earl of Stanhope's Country Seat
1828 Endsleigh (Devon) - Duke of Bedford - Country Seat
1828 Harefield (Devon) - Gattey, Esq.
1828 Luscombe (Devon) - Charles Hoare, Esq.
1828 Seat of G.B. Greenough. Esq - Regent's Park

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